Finally, I see Rainier

Clear day, Mt. Rainier visible

So we got up and toured the city with Art.

First was the Space Needle. It was a clear day and the tease glimpses of Mt. Rainier on the drive from Redmond were too tempting. Dang, that thing looks surreal. We skirted the Experience Music Project/Museum but took a gander in the entry area.

From there we went to the Seattle Art Museum (zzzzzzzz, save for the Charles LeDray exhibit)…

Then it was off to the more enjoyable experience at the Henry Art Museum. I was particularly intrigued by the James Turrell “Knowing Light” exhibit (walking into what appears to be a blue-screen on the wall to find an evenly lit blue room was nifty) and the works of Tom Knechtel.

Every artist should have a website, else I’d provide links.

Insane rush hour traffic gave us the opportunity to explore Capitol Hill and surrounding bars.