Cat nap


Got up early for me, thanks to the timezone, and delved into some work I had outstanding. After wrestling with stock photography and cursing Getty One, I decided to hell with it and shipped off the concept.

Kitty was adamant that she wanted to sit in my lap with the computer.

Minutes later I get a response from the client that it is “AWESOME,” and I shrugged inside with the feeling that the farmer is telling my inner Babe, “That’ll do pig. That’ll do.”

I went to Albertsons to pick up veggies for a soup and chatted with my mom on the phone to verify ingredients and catch up on the heartland. Things seem to be well and it was good to talk to her.

At the checkout, I made a mental note to make a t-shirt that says, “I DO NOT HAVE A PREFERRED SHOPPERS CARD.” I’m sure cashiers wouldn’t notice. The fella behind me showed off his invention he’d like to patent that puts all his preferred shoppers cards on one handy Visa-sized laminated printout. The cashier said he had too much time on his hands.

I’ll blame the cashier for putting Styx in my head for the next few hours.

The stew is simmering. I just opened a Loft beer, and I’m feeling dang content.

I think Kitty has the right idea. Any more of this precious schlock and I’ll have to segregate these posts to the rampant cat photo communities.