Mr RiverBear 2003

The sash pageant begins

I slept most of the day. It was threatening to rain, so I missed the RiverBear picnic and Pride festival. I figured, there’s always the parade tomorrow, I’ll go to that and the Mr. Riverbear contest tonight.

I got to the bar at 10pm. The contest was supposed to start at 9.

It began at 11.

Although entertaining to watch and whatnot, I didn’t KNOW anyone in the audience. The bar was starting to fill up, but there was just this strange lame vibe hanging in the air.

Our bear group fragmented a year or two back, we gave up having a host bar and no longer do events there. We used to have a beer bust every Sunday with a good DJ. I got to know folks then, and the bar and the bartenders.

Now I feel sorta the fish outta the water. I left between the introductions and what I assume would be the “swimsuit” modeling and talent portion of the show.

Sleep sounded better.