Anchor Grill

The last time (I remember) being at Anchor Grill was over 10 years ago, when the web was only 800 pixels wide. Not one thing has changed and that makes it perfect.

Le Creuset Cooking Class

The Le Creuset outlet up in Monroe has (free) cooking classes regularly. This time they took the show on the road and brought it down to Park + Vine to make a Moroccan Winter Vegetable Stew (recipe). The stew was quick, tasty and went really well with this crusty no knead bread.

I fully support brunch

I _tried_ to read this damning article about how brunch is for jerks, but I couldn’t finish it. Sure, breakfast is one thing I know how to make. Yes, I loathe lines and hungover people. But it’s a great way to see friends on the weekend and what the heck ever. I’m whining about whining. […]

Yum Cupcakes

I didn’t want to show up to a dinner empty handed so I bought a box full of these cupcakes from Yum on the east side. Also, I felt like turning this into a dessert blog. The cupcakes were devoured quickly and I beleive there was some tension when the last chocolate one was gone.

La Mexicana and other places I’ve never been

I’ve started a todo list of restaurants I’d like to visit in the Cincinnati area. One that’s long been on my radar is La Mexicana on Monmouth Street in Newport, Ky. Finally made it out on and my expectations were exceeded. So. Darn. Delicious. (I highly recommend the chicken tacos, though the steak are pictured). […]

Roasted Potato Soup

Perfect for a rainy day indeed. I’d like to take credit for how good this soup looks (and tasted), but that’s all Take the Cake.

Macaroni & Cheese

My roommate Eric made this macaroni and cheese for his Thanksgiving dinner. I not only got a taste before it went in the oven, but he brought back remaining leftovers.


This was almost a disaster, but luckily no one was hurt. Well, aside from the turkey. I never got the carving gene. Coconut cream pie. (I didn’t eat any as I have this thing against dried coconut. I’m told the pie was delicious). So all this pictured above was my first Thanksgiving meal of the […]

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