If it seems like I go to a grocery store every other day? I probably do. Then again, I was up getting my car serviced and when you’re that close to Jungle Jim’s, you go. (Previously, when I processed photos too gloomy.)


Tonka truck photographed for our free shipping promotion.

Strong winds

The trees outside the laundry room were a vibrant yellow, holding on to their leaves and providing a nice backdrop to the smells of fabric softener. But alas, the past few days have been filled with pretty darn strong winds. Though sometimes annoying, I figure it’s nature way of leaf blowing. Or something.


Thing I learned on the internet this morning: Though the yellow color is present in the leaf throughout the growing season, chlorophyll masks the pigments known as xanthophylls. This hue becomes visible when the green chlorophyll is gone.

Flowers for no occasion

Selfie, Dublin

My first time in Ireland!

Mazda 808


Enjoyed brunch at Nada and caught sight of this classic Corvette. I can heartily recommend their Carnitas Tamal & Egg. Shared the fine meal with the equally fine character that is behind  Over-the-Rhine Blog, a site I’ve long admired for its championing spirit of the downtown neighborhood.

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