Erecting walls

This will be a portable art space.

A very large TV set

Tom’s VERY LARGE TV project comes together. A set piece for the production of School House Rock at his kids’ school.


I’ve no idea what Tom was making when I got to the studio, but it involved lots of drilled holes and biscuit joiners, which simply typing makes me smile for some reason. Rain came later in the day…

More Tom art

I don’t rightly know what it is, but I like it.

An excuse to be creative

Tom and I took a little bit of time on Friday to create our own concepts and print them before the work whistle blew. You know how an idea is better in your head than in reality? … Essentially my concept was very low brow with mixed entendres. At the end of the day, it […]


A bit more radical of a before/after than usual, but after reading about Jessica Walsh’s process for taking studio photos (be sure to click on the numbers by the image in her post to see the set-up), I felt the need to break away from a white backdrop and try something colorful. (It’s just a […]

Seems like I often just take photos during meals

In this instance, dinner was at Melt with a friend on a rainy day. Melt is one of these places that I kind of wish was a buffet, because I want a little of everything each time I go and it’s hard to decide on just one thing and one side.

Wooden floor

This? Oh this is just the wooden floor in my apartment. It’s shown up here before countless times, but I’ve been thinking a lot about texture lately. And I like this wood. But the real story behind this photo is that I started coming down with a cold this day. Congested, sore throat, tired and […]

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