Studio mates

Wendy has a visitor in the studio. Always a welcome break from the fiddling with virtual pixels and vectors.

The Battle

Made in Ohio

This is where I lay down a big sheet of white paper on the garage floor and shoot new stuff for our store. We’ve been selling this tee at festivals this summer with great response. Finally I got ’em all online.

ink on threads

A publication needed photos of our transit map shirt. This was the only time I picked up the camera that day, but I did like how the light really brought out the texture of the shirt and ink.

apothecary labels

Stuck a few goodies on the shelves above my desk for inspiration.

She calls this one Butlins

Kelley dropped off some lovely handbags to get up on the store. I think the appropriate description for this little detail is, “kawaii“

Modeling School

Tom has been coming up with new and innovative ways to expand our business.

Fate to Fatal

Kim and Kelley take a break after printing up 1000 limited edition “Fate to Fatal” EPs. I’m going down to Shake It Records tonight (8pm) to see them play some music in commemoration of the release and Record Store Day. Things have been so pedal-to-the-metal that I haven’t really taken the time to talk about […]

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