Holiday preparations

Tricia has been starting to help out with official Wire & Twine business, and Tom and I are all the better for it. We’re gearing up for Crafty Supermarket this weekend and the holidays in general so it’s time to get things in order.


We have a few new things for sale (or pre-sale) at Wire & Twine. Tom’s cat Murphy did not cooperate to help us recreate this sketch for the promotion: Oh well.

Made in Ohio shirt

The black edition—or for me—the “slimming edition.”


Oh hai! Needed a studio shot but I ended up looking dorky and Tom was too deep in thought. Posted here instead of the digital darkroom floor.

Cincinnati tee

We made this tee to test out the discharge process. Essentially color is removed from the shirt with an activated bleach gel. Makes for a nice, super smooth print. These are available at Park + Vine and MiCA. Tom’s expression suggests he thought he would safely be cropped out… Dropped off some goods to friends, […]

Makers issue of Cincinnati Magazine

An honor to be in the “Made in Cincy!” issue of Cincinnati Magazine. The best part though was learning about other folks making things in the area. You can likely read the text in this enlargement.

Ascending Bear

Back in May I felt compelled to draw that falling bear. We made a few t-shirts with the fella but it felt like it was wanting. The original idea was to include some wings and after recommendations of friends, we brought them back. It’s a weird but well-meaning tribute. Available on our online store, MiCA, […]

A mark in progress and some plaid

Friends don’t always remember our studio is named Wire & Twine. A handful have mentioned they’ve been out wearing our shirts and when asked where to get one they search for a tag or some branding with no success. Shame on us. We’re working on changing that with a little tag that has a logo […]