Enjoying what we have

My love for snow is no secret. So whenever we get any (never enough) I try and get out in it. Spring Grove is always a good place to hear it crunch underfoot. Related to above, a different season:


The flurries were promising, but alas, no real accumulation. One animal didn’t mind the winter chill, or that I worked from home.

A few inches

It’s cold

It’s cold. Plus also? It snowed.

Evidence of precipitation

The light, a shot

The light is surreal, shifting between sun and rain. (And by surreal I mean, Photoshoppy.) In other news, I was overdue for a flu shot. They have these stubby needles now. “It’ll feel like a bee sting” she said. Which was a bad way to describe it as I’d rather have a needle jab than […]

Torrential rain

▲  After the rain. ▲  During the rain. ▲  At a point during my drive home, right before the hail started coming down and I decided to turn around and park in a mall garage to wait it out. ▲  Much earlier in the day, there was this Ford Tempo.

About ready to rain

We’ve been getting some doozy storms of late. Sounds nice on the metal roof of the studio. And though it might appear that we’ve been lazy of late with no new things on our site, we’ve been pretty busy behind the scenes. Things are percolating.

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