Snow began to fall

Met up with friends I’ve known since middle school for a late lunch. We stretched that meal out over 3 hours, catching up on each other’s lives as snow began to fall. Went across the street for a nightcap and expanded our crew. Hugged it out and sadly parted ways. We needed more time. Drove […]

Fast Casual

I know Olive Garden and Red Lobster are hurting by the fast casualization of foodstuffs, and I want to live in a world where all approaches to restaurateuring can peacefully coexist. But if you told me you were going to open up the Chipotle of Pizza joints, I would immediately line up and become an […]

Yoga in the park

Yoga in the park and a ride around the city.

City Flea

City Flea. May 17, 2014. Mental note: 1.) Ask Zan what a cup of tea and wheat penny means. 2.) Run idea by her about a new photo book called “Zanthology.”

Last tiny bit of light

Music Hall

Pictures at an Exhibition

Actually, these are pictures from a night with friends getting together and going to the symphony. It’s only our second time, but it has the mark of tradition. And I’m a horrible person for not getting everyone together for a photo since we were all spiffy.