It’s been a long time since I enjoyed a television series So. Thoroughly.  Sure, many of the characters on Amazon’s Transparent are selfish and make me cringe with their bumbling, but there’s something intensely revealing about it all. I realllly enjoyed this first season. Bonus: The lovely swash and perfectly untracked opening credits. It’s like some nostalgic […]

A very large TV set

Tom’s VERY LARGE TV project comes together. A set piece for the production of School House Rock at his kids’ school.


I realize I’m lobbing barbs here, but my concern is that folks will begin to inhabit these parodies of personality in the real world for the sake of attention. That or some folks just have a media magnate wanting to be unleashed. I suppose the whole point of this is: I could watch this stuff […]

Portal 2

Got thoroughly sucked into Portal 2, which is fine as the weather keeps with the rain. It’s a solid ride. The “A-ha!” from the first game is dampened, and I think the challenges are easier, but these sorts of rewarding experiences are rare. Great sets, voices, story and bits of well designed humor throughout. It’s […]


The Wildcats lost to the Commodores, but only in score. UK is still walking away with the less ridiculous team name. Now I’m a pretty laid back guy, but some things get me really riled up. For example: – Inconsiderate driving (Tailgating, passing on the right, no signals, text drifting) – The lack of healthy […]

Off the air