A few inches

Trees in peril

I see these hills off I-74 on the way to work each morning, and am startled by the number of trees that never filled in. I’ve a few friends that have to get trees removed because of disease, but I didn’t realize it was so widespread. Curious how nature will sort it out.

Mt. Airy

The hiking trails in Mt. Airy are, like many, really poorly marked. Luckily getting lost with Dan is an enjoyable endeavor, the weather was perfect, and we got lots of steps on the odometer.

Man and tree

Trees in bloom

Tree line-up

This most recent snow was the prettiest yet. Nice and dry and fluffy, perfect for skiing if we had mountains.

The shadows look like waves

Digging the winter and light this morning.

Spring in Spring Grove

My yearly tour through the cemetery for the blooms. Chalked up a good chunk on the pedometer, but didn’t quite hit my goal of 10k. Baby steps.

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