Tonka truck photographed for our free shipping promotion.

Bender, sideways

Edie with toy


I’m trying to stop buying stuff, but this knight was a very inexpensive way to make me feel like I was a kid again. There was a period of time when knights and jousting and castles were the only things I drew.

My friend has a thing for vinyl toys

My friend Kyle has a thing for vinyl toys, and I like to give him shit about it. This might stem from our sparring about what constitutes good or valid street art, but more likely it’s because he’s a standup guy and hard to pester in general. I will say, I’m not a fan of […]

Three things unrelated

I stepped into the farmhouse and Wendy was working next to this scene on the kitchen table. I’m sure she’s going to document the carnage, but I couldn’t resist. This fella’s name is Tiger. He lives in Dayton. And lastly these necklaces seemed wanting to be photographed. I’m reminded not to think too much about the […]

Bits of Los Angeles

Warm nails and a firetruck

So it like, snowed. From the weather reports and bread aisle, there was some skeptical but tangible concern. But it was nothing outside of bitter cold (which continues I should add). Anywho, I noticed the nails or whatever on the rooftop below held some warmth. And they made this pattern. At least, I think so. […]