I’m calling it a Derby Pie

I’m calling it a Derby Pie, as does everyone else. But technically, a DERBY-PIE® is a registered trademark since 1968. I’m all for enterprising spirits, but at some point, the battle is lost and that word you made up is a genericized trademark. Like: aspirin, butterscotch, escalator, kerosene, yo-yo and zipper. (Sidenote: If you buy […]

Yum Cupcakes

I didn’t want to show up to a dinner empty handed so I bought a box full of these cupcakes from Yum on the east side. Also, I felt like turning this into a dessert blog. The cupcakes were devoured quickly and I beleive there was some tension when the last chocolate one was gone.

Aglamesis Brothers

I’m (gladly) ressurecting my category for posts called, “This is why I’m fat.” I’ve lived in Ohio for 40 years and never stepped foot in Aglamesis Brothers. This is a horrible shame and the error has now been corrected. I know of no other place that makes plain banana ice cream. No chunks of chocolate […]

Taste of Belgium

Taste of Belgium Bistro in Over the Rhine has these waffles with Nutella and fruit that cap off breakfast quite nicely. Highly recommended any day of the week. Breakfast-mate Meredith stands in front of the West End Loan I felt compelled to snap because the signage hits all the right notes. I’m particuarly fond of […]

Kyle’s cookies

A warning: The ‘before and after’ rollover is quite jarring. But it shouldn’t detract from getting a sense of how tasty these cookies appear to be. And they are delicious. My friend Kyle from Cincinnati has been making huge batches of cookies for special events, sharing them with folks or raising money for charities. White chocolate […]

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day kicked off in Northside for brunch. That’s me up there with my mom and brother. Then there was talk to put pavers or something down to eliminate lawn from my mom’s backyard. We decided to try gravel and that seemed to be the right way to fill in the path. Filled up both […]

A trip to Richmond

Took a long lunch at the studio and drove across the border into Richmond, Indiana to eat at Ghyslain. This place is part chocolatier and fine restaurant. They had me at the bread that came out before the meal. Super crusty baguette with butter that could be supplemented with black Hawaiian or pink Himalayan salt. My quiche […]

One fantastic birthday cake, plus an awesome fire and then some

My friend Chris celebrated his birthday with friends, family, tasty vittles, a delicious chocolate cake, a big ass fire, a cigar, and the whole lot of  us running around to the front of the house to catch the International Space Station zip across the sky. I’m making a new category called, “Good times.”