Lined pants

Earlier in the day: “Do your pants match your shirt?” he asked, continuing, “It’s like Garanimals.” Indeed. This describes my entire wardrobe. Related pimping: I’m really digging Lined pants.

The Patches grow

This day two years ago I posted a photo of the patches I have collected over the years. The collection getting bigger, some I’ve bought and many were gifts. I dig ’em so. (Hat tip to Meredith, Frank, John, Erik, Kristen, Ryan and oooo I’m forgetting someone…)

The road bike

Look closer

Same stuff, moved around, always expanding and contracting. I feel guilty that I’m over staging. Freshly hung: Look Closer pennant by Always with Honor

Nice touch

A little sprig packed inside the Balsam Fir Field Notes Gift Sets I ordered. Nice touch Coudal/Draplin. Nice touch indeed!