6:30 am

A beauty of a sunrise in Northside. Sidetone: You can see the foundation of the Gantry development underway in the foreground.

The birds of the Wal-Mart parking lot

I was actually shopping at Dick’s Sporting Goods but Wal-Mart sounded better in the title. Also? There was a nice sunrise this morning.

Sunrise, sunrise

All photos collected here as well: Roatán on Exposure

Super dooper foggy

If you were in Cincinnati on Saturday morning, you couldn’t miss the fog. It was pervasive and thick. When I groggily stepped to the bathroom that a.m., I thought it had snowed— the light coming through the blinds was intensely filtered and white.

Sunlight streaming in

The days are starting to blend together on this trip. By this point I was starting to find my “center” for hiking around, or mountain legs if you will. I still wasn’t confident enough to carry the camera everywhere, else I’d fall down a steep incline and there wouldn’t be any more photos to post.


The days have been busy of late, seeing remote parts of California, visiting friends and squeezing in some work. But I’ve been trying to keep the camera not too far away, usually breaking it out around sunrise or sunset. Which by all means, have been remarkable.

Vietnamese Junk

The sails are really just for show, but it’s a damn fine show. Spent the night on one of these, and as you might’ve seen from the previous days photos—they’re well enough appointed. We had a private bathroom with shower, but more important… there was air conditioning. If there was any downside, it might be […]