Always enjoy the view of Cincinnati from the Incline Public House.

Riverboat, sunset

The view from Bellevue Park

A friend in town inspired my first visit to Bellevue Hill Park.


Back home and the city was looking good as ever. Would appreciate some winter-like weather though. It feels like spring.

Some gray, some color

We’re having a string of gray, wet days here in Ohio. Here’s the same view from Devou Park in sunnier, blue sky-ier days if you’d like some contrast. Speaking of contrast, Tom made these salmon salads for lunch from leftovers and they were delicious. I can’t recall the last time (if ever) I’d had dandelion greens. Chunks […]

I need to work on my tour guide skills

My friend Kevin swept through town after he visited his family up north for the holidays. Here he is taking a picture of his food with a mobile phone. When folks come in town, I visit favorite vistas and haunts, but I never back anything up with historical facts or details. I need to work on that. File under foods […]

The view from Devou

I’ve taken this shot before, but I figured I’d take another with the new building joining the skyline. In other news on this day, I got a much needed haircut.


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