Olan Mills field backdrop #2

I love the colors of the fields this time of year driving to the studio. I should mention there was lots of wind filling out my shirt.

Self portrait with desk supplies and automated cat feeder

Self portrait with infinity mirror

Makin’ signs

Making some signs for bargain bins of misprint t-shirts.

I made my bicep bigger in Photoshop

Tina (you may know her better as SwissMiss) asked if I’d throw in a tattoo design for a new thing called Tattly. I said sure because I like her and thought it’d be fun. Now I don’t have a tattoo myself, but if I did get one, my first would probably be something simple, very likely […]

New camera: Lumix GF1

For Christmas I was super duper lucky to get this new shooting rig: a Panasonic Lumix GF1 (with 20mm f/1.7 lens). It has a lot in common with the Canon 5D Mark II I’ve been using the past few years, but it’s a fraction of the size. I’ve been using it about a week now, […]

Self portrait in bank teller drive-thru

Finally with the clippers

I’m gearing up for some travel so I told my barber Tina to “Cut it short.” She paused, sighed, and then selected the clippers. Tina has never used clippers on my hair—maybe to shape an edge, but never for cutting. At least not in the 14 years I’ve been sitting in her chair. She did her business […]