I’ve known Ray since our studies at OSU. He was in product design, I was in visual communication. After graduation we became pretty darn close and I visited him wherever he ended up across the country, working for the man. He since moved back to Columbus and gave developing his own ideas a whirl. He’d […]

Why, sure

To celebrate Black History Month, Kroger invited artisans and makers into stores to share their goods and stories. It’s a welcome side of humanity moving through the market. Marilyn inspired me to come back in after loading groceries in my car. I asked to take her portrait and she flashed a beautiful smile and said, […]

Kelley at Wegerzyn Gardens

Kelley needed photos for a spread in a magazine. I think the article was called, “Come to Dayton, Please!” The editors recommended having the photoshoot at the 2nd Street Market, which would have been fine, but I was angling to drive up and visit the installation by Patrick Dougherty at Wegerzyn Gardens. Everyone agreed and I […]


Kevin, long-time friend and temporary worker, still managing a smile after a long day printing shirts.