PSA Meeting #2

Met a group of folks at the Wave Pool for our second meeting of minds trying to figure out: What do we do with our energy, our discontent? Our feeling that our government doesn’t reflect our values. Elected officials are not listening to constituents but corporations. That there is a better and more loving future. […]


I’m ready for the future when we vote on issues independently of candidates and use the time in between elections to debate and discuss said issues. Also? I still want better designed “I VOTED” stickers.

Proud Buckeye

Also proud of the residents inĀ Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington who voted for equality of love and family.

Always a pleasure

The results may vary, but the process of voting fills me with excitement every single time.


I wish we could bottle up sighs of relief, and disperse them evenly throughout our time.

Signing the repeal

Fox News sent theĀ ALERT ticker across the screen. I’ve good friends both in the military and veterans. It was good to see this repeal pass to honor their service and dignity. With liberty and justice for all. Indeed.

A warm welcome