A day in several parts

We gathered most of the folks from the Depot and went on a lunch outing. Directly related: my favorite pizza toppings are pretty boring. Ended the day trying to organize more of the shop to get it into shape for doing and making more goods.

Fast Casual

I know Olive Garden and Red Lobster are hurting by the fast casualization of foodstuffs, and I want to live in a world where all approaches to restaurateuring can peacefully coexist. But if you told me you were going to open up the Chipotle of Pizza joints, I would immediately line up and become an […]

Pizza and a movie

Mom, brother and Eric went and grabbed pizza and a showing of that latest Bond flick. All of it was good.

Chuck E. Cheese

The phone rang and it was nephew. Want to go to Chuck E. Cheese? You might see a theme here… Friends and family ask me to do stuff and I say yup. I’m usually game. Turns out? Chuck E. Cheese has pretty decent pizza. And if you go on a weekday for lunch, you pretty much get […]

I need to work on my tour guide skills

My friend Kevin swept through town after he visited his family up north for the holidays. Here he is taking a picture of his food with a mobile phone. When folks come in town, I visit favorite vistas and haunts, but I never back anything up with historical facts or details. I need to work on that. File under foods […]

It’s delivery

Dunno how long I’ve been in this new apartment, but I finally had the luxury of pizza delivery. Now I need to figure out which crust from LaRosa’s has flavor.

The transaction