The Madisonville Edition

Though my Fellowship technically ended in March, I still had some ideas left to execute for PhotoCorps. One such thing was the concept of a “Neighborhood Edition” which would invite folks to explore a community throughout the year, bring together their photos and publish them in a collection. The first two editions focus on Madisonville […]

Seeing Now at 21c

Paul Rucker performs at the opening of Seeing Now at the 21c. Hank Willis Thomas “Raise Up” Also by Thomas “Intentionally Left Blanc,” a chromogenic print you can only see with a camera flash.

Reflecting on the future

I had grand ideas to write a big entry about what is about to happen, but there was SO MUCH TO SAY that I didn’t know where to begin. But it’s happening and I want to pour out as much as I can. The Haile Fellowship So I applied for a Fellowship through People’s Liberty in […]

Look Here!

One tiny glimpse of the Look Here! Project that’s all over town. I just checked out the map on their website. Want to go to all of theres.

FotoFocus Biennial

The monthlong celebration of photography that is the FotoFocus Biennial has brought lots of great things to the city. In addition to John Water’s talk, there are lectures and exhibits throughout downtown. One particular gallery is dedicated to the work of Vivian Maier, who I’d been enamored with since the story of her street photography […]

50 Sad Chairs

Slowly unpacking my bags, unearthing fine souvenirs from my trip. I’ve been following Bill Keaggy‘s work for many years, so it was a pleasure to meet him proper (and get his book!) 50 Sad Chairs features photographs of abandoned chairs coupled with a title that makes you think, or giggle, or both. Though it appears small in size, it […]

From the mailbox

A package with Stephen Shore’s Uncommon Places book arrived. I am enamored. A quick image search and you might see why I dig it so. From his artist statement from this work, “A picture happens when something inside connects, an experience that changes as the photographer does.” That’s adequately vague and spot on in complexity. […]

Shooting scarves