Still life on game night

Game night with friends. Managed to squeeze in a slew of games: Love Letter – Card game, kind of like Clue where you try to expose others while getting your love letter to the princess. Cards Against Humanity – The filthy Apples to Apples. Always fun. Always. Dixit – Each card in the game is an artful […]

Edie, at window

Watching over Hoffner Park in Northside.

Music at the C&D

On an afternoon when the snow truly decided to fall on our fine city, I ventured out to the C&D Bar in Northside to catch some music.


Checked out Mountains performing at Mayday. My only issue with their set of drone music was that it was way too short. Joel was mesmerized by the computer board light fixture.

Mom and the Shepard Fairey mural

A bit of the Aung San Suu Kyi mural, and mom.

Barely snowed

The wireless store

This is one of my favorite signs from the inaugural CoSign project. Built by Such+Such and designed by Paul Coors.

The Comet

New minor life goal? Have an accent wall with color, texture or wallpaper. Then have a painting that incorporates said feature, like The Comet All-Stars pictured here (or this). Maybe I simply need an empty frame… friends do this with great success in their home.

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