Edie, lap

The ever changing view from the window

The Gantry, now with lights in the parking lot.


It’s been exceptionally foggy these past few mornings. It might not seem so in the cemetery shot above, but I thought it adequately ominous. The view from my window of Northside below is a better example of visibility:

Under construction

Future co-working space. Northside.

Supreme Styles

Mental note: I need to add Supreme Styles on the Northside Map, along with a slew of other updates in the neighborhood.

‘Round a fire

Civic duty

One of those midterm elections. Ohio had pot legalization on the ballot, kind of. That particular bill required learning what oligopoly meant.

A savory brunch

Sunday started with a savory brunch at my neighbor Lily’s. While she and her former student knitted, we chatted about Halloween costumes, travel and pets. Including Oscar, the fostered dog that likes to lay frog legged.

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