Jerusalem Fish & Chicken

Near the bent intersection of Blue Rock and Colerain in Northside.

Construction continues

The Depot is getting framed out and the first stages of utilities are being integrated between inspections and whatnot. It’s a process. There’s lots of sawdust.

A few inches

Me & Edie

I struggle with the temperature of light bulbs and blowing out detail. I overcompensated here, favoring white light over the warmth of incandescent bulbs, and the sky suffers with a cool blue cast. But frankly? I’m more interested in keeping the momentum of updating this long neglected journal. Also? This photo taken by my friend Brown before […]

The Chocolate Bee

A new joint in the neighborhood, combining chocolate and honey.

Megaman X

Hit up the arcade and got comfy with the extensive console collection.

Bud Herbert Motors

Bud Herbert Motors in Northside.

Sunset of forty-three

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