the quartet that wasn’t a quartet

Caught wind of old friends playing jazz out at the Northside Tavern on a school night. Though I worked super late, I wrapped up in time to catch their last set. Good times, great music. Oh, and these guys are called simply The Quartet, even though there might be six folks playin’. Just thought I’d […]

Wild Irish Rose

In a Northside alley.



I went to a Tweet-Up thing and I can’t believe I not only typed those words, but I hit publish. The upside is that I met some fine folks and enjoyed sunning my pale self.

Brunch with mom

Met up with my mom for brunch on a rainy Sunday. Decided to give Melt a whirl as we’d only been there for lunch previously. I eyed her “Vegetable quiche in crisp potato crust” with envy:

Liberty Tire

Saturday night

Opening reception for new work by Julie Hill at Fabricate. I bought a painting. Once I pick it up I’ll share details. Next up was the one-year anniversary of Take the Cake in Northside. Luckily there was some Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale to stop me from eating all these little cookies.

Loosening the belt

Christmas cookies from Take the Cake in Northside – fast becoming my favorite place to eat lunch and other treats that have lots of butter.

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