A new sign for Fabricate

I mentioned the CoSign project recently (probably more than once) and here’s the one I designed for Fabricate. All made up in three dimensions by the fine fellows at Such + Such. Super proud of this one, and the ten others that grace our neighborhood of Northside. A tip of the hat to everyone locally […]

Can factory molds

At the entrance of the American Can Factory, which didn’t produce cans, but actually made forms and machinery for other factories to make cans.

A little bit of color left

Didn’t quite miss all the tones of autumn. But today felt like winter was soon approaching. Time to pack up the short sleeves.

Northside as night falls


Despite the chilly and drizzly weather, kids came out in full force for Northside’s trick or treating. A tip of the hat to Dan and Ralph for letting me hang and hand out candies on their porch.


When I walk to my car in the morning, there’s usually someone working in the repair shop across the way. If there’s sun left in the evening, they might be sitting around the alley in lawn chairs, shootin’ the breeze. From what I can tell they’ve got a few things going on over there: pride […]

Northside Map

I was having folks over back in December and made this map to help everyone find my place and encourage wandering around the neighborhood for the monthly Northside Second Saturday event. Last month I revisited the contents and organizers printed up a handful to hang in shop windows. Maps are complicated beasts and having these out […]

Public phone

A quiet day.

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