Chicken or beef


Arrived safely in Dublin and jumped right into a work project. Didn’t have much time for sight seeing but fingers crossed there will be some slots available. I will say, if you ever find yourself in Dublin and you need to get to the city from the airport, the Airlink bus is an extremely good […]

Northside at Night

I think having to wait for a table at a local restaurant is a good sign. So I took that extra time to wander around the south block of Northside and peeked in windows of some stores, like Hoop & Needle (above). Black Plastic Records Wordplay


It only took a few months of planning, but finally connected with old friends at Nada. My only wish is that we’d had another hour or two to catch up, but there was sleep to be had.

The Chocolate Bee

A new joint in the neighborhood, combining chocolate and honey.

‘Round a fire


You can’t see it in this photo very well, but there are some intensely lit overpasses just north of downtown Columbus. Quite striking really.


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