Recreating a panorama

On September 24, 1848 Charles Fontayne and William S. Porter—using one of the earliest forms of photography, daguerreotype—photographed Cincinnati from atop a building in Newport, Kentucky, creating a sweeping, eight-plate panorama. 170 years later, I was lucky to stand with 4 other photographers to recreate the image with a technologically advanced Hasselblad camera for a […]

The Last Jedi

Had some time to fill before watching The Last Jedi (for the second time) so wandered through a bookstore. I’ve got a big stack of books I need to read but I did find their ultra-tiny vinyl section dense with potential. Grabbed a magazine with Mediterranean diet recipes and a Prince CD of all things […]


These images are not only unrelated to each other, they don’t really sum up what was a glorious, almost summer-like day.

Chris, Ed, Chris

Reflection, Newport Kentucky.

Three unrelated things

A photo from my car of a person taking a photo in a car A disco ball at Jefferson Hall Shrimp Nibbler promotional graphic on dumpster fence at White Castle

Newport Aquarium

The Newport Aquarium was packed with well behaved kids and adults on a Saturday. I figure it’s hard to get too spastic when there are so many neato things to see around every corner. Caught myself going, “Ahhhh!” with my mouth open more times than once. My complaints were few but included some scuffed panes and unfortunate […]

Not the best image to represent The Cabin in the Woods

This is a scene outside of the theater where we caught The Cabin in the Woods, which would have been much cooler movie to see at night probably. A fun enough flick.

Cute as a bug

This Fiat 500 is pretty adorable. Caught this decked out ride on the river as I scrambled around the city for a few choice supplies and various pieces of furniture to surprise a friend who was out of town. Instead of simply cat-sitting I decided to channel Niecy Nash from Clean House and give the place a […]