The Neon Museum

I’ve been to Vegas, oh, three times? And I’ve wanted to visit the Neon Museum each trip. Turns out? It’s not that far away from the bustle of the strip. There are two parts: a garden of signs mostly no longer working visible day and night, and an evening experience called Brilliant that brings signs […]

Looking up in the Globe

Snow began to fall

Met up with friends I’ve known since middle school for a late lunch. We stretched that meal out over 3 hours, catching up on each other’s lives as snow began to fall. Went across the street for a nightcap and expanded our crew. Hugged it out and sadly parted ways. We needed more time. Drove […]

Boot Country

Boots and boots and more good boots.


I’ve never stopped by a Richie’s for their soul food and chicken, but next time I see the COBBLER lit up on their neon sign, I believe I will.

Always finding something new at the Sign Museum

Went with Peter for a tour of the American Sign Museum. I always find something new there.

Neon wiener

Friends converged from upstate and downstate for the evening, so we went out for a beer. Even on a Monday night, San Francisco can pack a bar.

The Brass Mule

“Wanna see some improv tonight?” my friend Heather Brown asked. Why not? So we went down to Mokka in Newport to catch the group called Incredulity. Good fun. As for this snapshot of The Brass Mule Lounge (aka The Brass Ass) in Newport? We walked by and the lights gave me pause. Maybe we’ll pop in there […]