Snow began to fall

Met up with friends I’ve known since middle school for a late lunch. We stretched that meal out over 3 hours, catching up on each other’s lives as snow began to fall. Went across the street for a nightcap and expanded our crew. Hugged it out and sadly parted ways. We needed more time. Drove […]

John Waters

John Waters made me snort out loud more than a few times last night. It resonated through Memorial Hall, but luckily everyone else was laughing so hard it didn’t matter. Two things: I wish I had a transcript of the evening. Water’s delivery is quick and dense with beautifully twisted humor. I want to raid […]

Justin Vernon

The fifth MusicNOW Festival ended with an incredible evening of performances at Memorial Hall. Pictured above:¬†Justin Vernon whose set included guests from throughout the three day event and left me a bit goosebumpy and misty-eyed. So darn good. I’ll be posting a gallery from the event later in the week.

St. Vincent

MusicNOW Festival

The first day of the MusicNow Festival concludes and I have 500 photos to sort through and very fond memories of¬†Joanna Newsom and Robin Pecknold‘s fantastic performances. Looking forward to the next few days of artists. Link