Mall walkers paradise

7 years ago I posted few images from Cincinnati Mills, the deserted Cincinnati Mall. It used to have a movie theater. Then that closed. Then they opened another movie theater. Then that closed. It’s still intact. Still without a plan. But the lights are on and the temperature is regulated to “somewhat comfortable” and the […]

Always worth a snapshot: Malls during holidays

Not my best Santa composition (previously and also previously), but it’s always fun to see. The mall was packed this Monday. I wondered if all these folks had jobs and then I remembered, I was there too. I was there to pick up a new computer that was over two years old, because I agree […]

Mall Santa

While I kind of wanted to drive to Toronto and get a selfie with the trending Fashion Santa, the traditional one at Tri-County mall scratched the itch. I snapped this blurry photo from above and he was kind enough to give me a double fist raise. I figured it was dead at the mall so […]

Trivia Night 2014

Another Trivia Night in support of McGuffey is in the books. Our team ‘80’s Mall’ didn’t win, but we had fun dagnabbit. Paul and Amy transcend time, bringing selfies back a few decades. I need to ask Zan what was jammin’ on her Walkman™. Excellent crowd. Capped it off with cake.

Deck the mall

The deserted Cincinnati Mall

Back to Ohio. Wendy had a night off and suggested catching a flick. The sad variable: there was nothing we really wanted to see, so we caught No Strings Attached at the discount theater. It was awful. The redeeming part of the evening was walking around the ghost town that is the almost-entirely-abandoned but still oddly all-lit-up […]

Lego store

The end of this Asia adventure

Ronald McDonald offering a standard Thai greeting called the wai. I grew to really appreciate this gesture that can mean hello, goodbye, apologies and thank you. It has an elegance of motion and intent. By the end of the trip I was trying my best to incorporate this motion in appropriate transactions. Speaking of adventure, […]