A remnant of Blink

Broke bread with Danielle from The Speak Easy and Michael from green|spaces thanks to People’s Liberty bringing in folks from various organizations around the country to simply share ideas. Had a blast. Ended up walking through this alley and saw a remnant of Blink by Loop.ph.

Lantern Lighting Ceremony

This was the tenth anniversary of the Lantern Lighting Ceremony at Spring Grove and my first. Families come together and customize lanterns with messages of remembrance or hope, then launch them on the lake at dusk. We got our lanterns in order, carved out a nice spot on the eastern shore and had a makeshift […]


The shadows look like waves

Digging the winter and light this morning.

The light, a shot

The light is surreal, shifting between sun and rain. (And by surreal I mean, Photoshoppy.) In other news, I was overdue for a flu shot. They have these stubby needles now. “It’ll feel like a bee sting” she said. Which was a bad way to describe it as I’d rather have a needle jab than […]

The light from the dome in a yurt

Light noise

I tried to get a good shot of the Contemporary Arts Center this night. But (and you can see one blurred in the background) there are these monstrous street lamps all over this part of town that obstruct the architecture. It’s really annoying. So I gave up and decided to embrace the surroundings in lieu […]

a new light

Though not the light I had my eye on, I think the proportions of this capiz fixture from West Elm suits our space nicely. I secretly picked it up yesterday and Kyle came over to make it happen on the sly while Dan was at a performance. It’s always a gamble making decisions like these […]