Christmas Eve 2017

Celebrated Christmas Eve with friends, old and very new.


Cathy’s Birthday

England Idlewild

My inaugural ride around some of the trails at England Idlewild in Burlington, Kentucky. Worth the haul.

A late happy hour

The week wraps up and it was time for a bourbon, and judging from the bar at happy hour, it looks like Mardi Gras is coming up. They always have impressive decorations at Rosie’s Tavern. I wonder where they find room to store them. Another view walking around the neighborhood in Covington.

Newport Aquarium

The Newport Aquarium was packed with well behaved kids and adults on a Saturday. I figure it’s hard to get too spastic when there are so many neato things to see around every corner. Caught myself going, “Ahhhh!” with my mouth open more times than once. My complaints were few but included some scuffed panes and unfortunate […]

Leap day at The Candy Bar

Walking through Main Strasse in Covington at night, the glow from The Candy Bar was too alluring to resist. I went in and asked about those Nestlé Crunch Thin Mints Girl Scout Cookie hybrid bars. They didn’t have them… yet. But they did have a host of other things that I snatched up for that […]


Hadn’t been to the cigar tasting at the Beer Sellar for a long, long time. Finally got back and now my coat smells like a humidor. I could find out when I was here last if I fill in those blank six months of 2011’s album. This gap of posting has been on my mind, but […]

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