Avoided “Black Friday” for the most part, which now has no beginning or end—it is simply, All The Time. Stopped in Walmart after dinner to pick up some decongestant and see how the mayhem may have left the store. It was largely in tact, with a few raided bins of devoid merchandise and many more […]

Things I can rely on

The nearly perfect Golden Corral logo will be updated and ruined one day. (Previously) I will not win the lottery, no matter how often I do not buy tickets because I’d rather buy music and feel like an instant winner. The seasonal aisle will most certainly give a shudder of delight and grossness.

The State We’re In

Currently winding down the days reading The State We’re In: Maine Stories by Ann Beattie after hearing a segment on NPR about their 2015 picks of short stories. It’s taking a bit to get into the rhythm of a new author, but the bite sized stories are perfect for bedtime.

Fiesta Charra

It’s only taken like seven years, but we’re finally getting to know folks in Oxford who can join us for lunch. Today we had Mexican food uptown and spent a small chunk of the  meal marveling at the absurdity of politics. The other more important topics of conversation included music, Star Wars and movies that […]

The contents of my cart

Sometimes I’ll just buy filler from the floral department and put that in a vase.

Leap day at The Candy Bar

Walking through Main Strasse in Covington at night, the glow from The Candy Bar was too alluring to resist. I went in and asked about those Nestlé Crunch Thin Mints Girl Scout Cookie hybrid bars. They didn’t have them… yet. But they did have a host of other things that I snatched up for that […]


I suppose I should stop apologizing for poor quality photos from the phone, as this day was all about taking a little time off and being totally laid back. This meant not carrying around a big camera, and instead seeing that Tangled movie (to make sure it was kid friendly.) It was indeed solid for tots, […]


Oh how it pains me when I take exactly one photo for the day. In this case it was a date and signature where I used my phone as a scanner. It did the job of circumventing a fax machine, and I suppose it represents the moment.

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