iPad Pro

I was able to go into an electronics store and see three new Apple products and walk out empty handed. (For the record: iMac Retina, new Apple TV, and the iPad Pro – All impressive, but none justifiable.)

Checking in on the grandchild

If Norman Rockwell was around, I’d like to think this is the scene he’d capture somehow.

Monument Valley

One of the most polished iPad games I’ve played, Monument Valley is a mighty fine puzzler. Once you get a handle on the mechanic, the ride is quickly and very sadly over. But it’s a solid ride for sure. I figure with their great success, they (UsTwo) can dedicate more resources to future games.

goodbye hair

Even out of focus, you can see that I am now entering my Phil Collin’s ‘No Jacket Required’ phase of life. Bonus shot: my barber loathes computers, but I think she’s keen on this tablet touchscreen stuff.


If you’ve met me, you know my flailing hands often add adjectives and punctuation to conversation—so much that I often stuff them in my pockets to appear more mysterious. To have another computing device that removes abstracted layers of interpretation between thinking and doing, well, I’m all for it. I’ve long considered Apple Computers my preferred […]