7 days, black and white

Seven days, seven photos in black and white of recent daily life. No explanation, no people. That was the challenge given to my by my good friend Anne. I figure, I ask a lot of others when it comes to photos, it’s time I shared a little more. And yes, this photo isn’t good in […]

Things I can rely on

The nearly perfect Golden Corral logo will be updated and ruined one day. (Previously) I will not win the lottery, no matter how often I do not buy tickets because I’d rather buy music and feel like an instant winner. The seasonal aisle will most certainly give a shudder of delight and grossness.


Snow in the forecast means lines at the grocery. Also? Justin Bieber. Brain Damage. It’s worse than anyone knows.

Cereal aisle

I didn’t buy any of these cereals, but for a split second, I almost considered that chocolate Krave crap. Instead, I stuck with the plan and just got ingredients for potato soup and some steel cut oats. Bonus photo? Edie really digs listening to Pink Floyd.

The contents of my cart

Sometimes I’ll just buy filler from the floral department and put that in a vase.

The changing of the seasonal aisle

Large format printers have nothing on markers and butcher paper

Country Fresh Farm Market Wyoming, Ohio

It’s Lindsay

Hung out at my friends’ place. Took a whack at a board game called Quelf, which is surprisingly weird. It’s like a combination of Cranium and the dare parts of Truth or Dare. Or weird like having mini powdered donuts for appetizers. or weird like having a magazine with Lindsay Lohan in the bathroom. (These are […]

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