Portland Patch Project

File under gifts that keep on giving: a year subscription to the Portland Patch Project (the Maine one, not the Oregon one). To kick it off I was able to choose my first patch and went with WHATEVER by Molly Steinmetz. Looking forward to what the coming months bring.


Tom & Wendy got me a LEGO VW Bus a few years ago, and I had all the pieces sorted in bowls and a muffin tin sitting under the guest bed. Found it while tidying and realized: 1.) Oh, that’s where all my bowls are and 2.) I should finish this. Man it was fun […]

What was

There was french toast and good coffee down at my neighbor Joe’s the day after Christmas. Here I am tinkering with his gift of a lens kit for the phone. There was more rain. There was bourbon/whiskey. There was ham.

A little car maintenance

A gift from a friend of my mom’s. I had one of these little fold-out car repair shops growing up, and now I have one again. I’m lucky twice.

His grandfather’s camera

Kyle’s grandfather owned this twin lens reflex camera, and now I shall take good care of it with honor.


My brother gave me these little fellas and they watch over me as I catch up with things at my desk. Sidenote: I went down a rabbit hole to find out what smurfing meant and the most interesting version was the bank industry jargon that is a way to launder money.

Nice touch

A little sprig packed inside the Balsam Fir Field Notes Gift Sets I ordered. Nice touch Coudal/Draplin. Nice touch indeed!

Plaid stamps, plus Muffins

LEFT: A sign outside a Cracker Barrel RIGHT: Muffins & Killface, Guardian of Time Yet another pair of photos pulled from the phone. The day was largely spent on the road catching up and watching the midwest roll by. Upon arrival to our destination I was instructed to open a large wrapped gift on the […]

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