My shame never-ending

I went through a Burger King drive through. Can’t get my act in gear to get up early and make breakfast. I’m going to work on this.

The White Castle is complete

And I still don’t like that new identity. Previously…

Golden arches

I started off the day trying some of that fancy coffee from the McCafé. Didn’t really agree with me. Dishwatery. Ended up the day passing this newly constructed McDonald’s sporting a new (to me) exterior design. The flagstone treatment is on a rampage of late, popping up on the sides of every strip mall and box […]


White Castle construction

I’m not even gone a week and my route to work is already changing with new sights. Take for instance this White Castle that is popping up quite quicklike. I’ve never seen one quite like this. I’m diggin the new materials, though I hope they don’t paint it bright white at the end. It’d be […]

drive-thru squawk box