Dropping off supplies for the oncoming snow that never came

Milk and bread. That’s all my mom wanted before the winter storm hit and I was braving the grocery store. Dropped things off and chatted for a good while, having one of those conversations you may find yourself lucky enough to have with a parent. Thinking out loud over the challenges and joys of life […]

Ham sandwiches

Ham sandwiches, a gift exchange, classic Christmas movies on the TV, an awesomely decorated new home, and a pup named Jasper.

Lantern Lighting Ceremony

This was the tenth anniversary of the Lantern Lighting Ceremony at Spring Grove and my first. Families come together and customize lanterns with messages of remembrance or hope, then launch them on the lake at dusk. We got our lanterns in order, carved out a nice spot on the eastern shore and had a makeshift […]


Butterfly show with the family at Krohn Conservatory. I kind of wish they had “expired” specimens on display for photos, because these suckers are hard to pin down* and photograph. * insert rim shot

Eric’s birthday

My new favorite thing is taking pictures of people taking selfies. I know this is out of focus, but you get the vibe.

Crossing paths

My brother had just visited friends who had a baby and I had just gotten a free melanoma screening (all clear!) and we met each other at the pay gate of the parking garage. It is a very small and often wonderful world. Sidenote: If you’re in the Cincinnati area and want to get a free melanoma […]

Celebrating early

My aunt and sister came in to town to celebrate my mom’s birthday a few days early. We had a pretty dang awesome day driving around and catching up and shopping and eating and smiling. Lola wants to be over the fence. Rocco lays down funny.

Surprising mom

Delivered brunch on Mother’s Day. When mom left the room, my brother and I hatched a vague plan for when she was gone to work… We’d lay down cover and mulch in the front yard, buy some plants and try to finish the gravel path wrapping around the side of her house. Ambitious, perhaps. Then […]

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