The new, new Boca

So I’m the guy that just likes the crème, and not so much the brûlée. So if we ever share a dessert, feel free to chip all that burnt sugar off and let me at the pudding. Shared this at the Boca in Cincinnati, a longtime favorite that recently moved downtown. The new space is phenomenal and […]

Quite possibly the most disgusting photo of food I have taken

I place photos of straws and drinks high on the cliché list, but I’m still trying to get a handle on what kind of images I can get from the phone. Here’s one looking inside the glass. (Yawn, I know) And lastly, here’s that disgusting photo I mention in the title of this entry. This […]

Everyone was right about the Melting Pot

The starter cheese fondue and closing chocolate fondue are where its at. All that meat and stuff in-between just made me nervous.