Today I took absolutely zero photos. It happens. I spent the day not taking photos. In lieu, here are few shots from the month that slipped through the cracks. Above? A tapestry of Chobani. Related: I dig their new logo and packaging. It’s more huggable and that’s how I want to related to yogurt brands […]

A little bit of snow

Not enough snow for my tastes, but for those 30 minutes or so? Gosh it was nice watching it fall outside a cafe.


So here’s how it works: If an item you want is eligible on Amazon, they’ll let you know if it’s available for same day pickup at their new location in Cincinnati (Clifton to be exact). Once it arrives you get a message, click the link, a locker with your item opens. That’s pretty neat, but […]


Somewhat of a holiday tradition, we headed to the theater to see a movie on Christmas Day. This year we saw Carol, which was filmed largely in Cincinnati. It was pretty sweet to see our city stand in for New York and Chicago, and my mom recognized a ton of antiques that were bought from […]

Consumer Value Store

My memory slips

Usually I can remember the day just by a photo. In this case, I couldn’t figure out which movie we saw, so I emailed Tom. Trick question, he replied, and rattled off every flick on the marquee and who he saw them with (or not). Apparently we just had dinner this evening. This serves me right for […]

One more visit

Went back to UC to catch that Charley Harper show one more time before it closed. Got a kick out of these steps on the UC campus.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Tom and I caught The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo at the Esquire. I’ve heard the books are better as well as the 2009 Swedish film, but those weren’t playing at the time, and I wasn’t going to see The Artist again. (I saw it in Los Angeles and would have loved it… without any hype.) […]

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