security camera

Hughes High School


ink on threads

A publication needed photos of our transit map shirt. This was the only time I picked up the camera that day, but I did like how the light really brought out the texture of the shirt and ink.

T-shirt Festival 2009

Excellent turnout and success at the second Cincinnati T-shirt Festival. I’ve a couple hundred photos to whittle down from the long and excellent day. For now, this poorly framed but colorful image will have to do…

vintage print

Finally getting around to putting actual things in actual frames on the walls. It’s only taken me 37 years to get to this point. I feel so grown up and stuff. This? A handmade print made from a vintage bit of awesome typography. (Available here) Bought it a few weeks back from the fine folks […]

Over the Rhine / Gateway Celebration

Mike (half of MiCA) keeps things tidy during Saturday’s big event in Over the Rhine. (And I’m sure he’s going to wonder if I could have found a better photo to represent the day). Fact is, we got there late and crammed to get everything set up, and the rest of the day was a […]

Flat warming party

A friend (literally) opened up their flat for a housewarming party of sorts. Excellent views from every vantage inside and out. Not sadly, there were so many great folks and conversation, I didn’t manage to brandish the camera too much.

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