Walk on Woodburn

East Walnut Hills on a chilly night. But the shops were open late and there was hot cider with bourbon. B&W Challenge 3 of 7

Spring church pants

The streets of Covington at night

Jesus, lamb, reflected

Went back to the Southgate House Revival the next day. I brought an instant camera but I haven’t scanned in any of those photos.

Chersonesus Taurica

St Vladimir’s Cathedral sits centrally in the ancient Greek ruins of┬áChersonesus Taurica. This part of the tour happened during the part of the day when a shower and nap would be nice. At first the Black Sea is obscured and the foundations of the city are all you see. But turn the corner and ┬áthe […]

Over the Rhine picnic

Old Saint Mary’s / Taking the kids to see a movie

Visiting the Tabernacle

I visited Temple Square and heard the Mormon Tabernacle Choir practice. It was beautiful, but quite heavy at the same time. Here’s why…