Taking the ornaments down

Oh how I’m ready to retire the holiday themed photos, but alas, the remnants lived on. I did finally get the tree down and ornaments packed away. Got rid of the original ornament boxes I’ve been keeping in favor of a single wine case box with some tissue paper in between each ornament. It halved […]

Christmas Day at my mom’s

Not the best representation of a fine Christmas afternoon. Potluck dinner at my mom’s house reminded me that we need more potluck meals in life. The brie wheel above is from Costco and I highly recommend it. And though we didn’t see a movie (a recent tradition), we did enjoy every moment of the day.

Christmas tree

The day started taking all of 3 minutes to pick out a tree. And ended with it all put up and stuff. Actually it ended like this, at about a quarter to two according to the clock.

Santa’s workshop

My brother Robert came over (he manned the camera) and we made gifts. This is my Christmas tree!

The thing that wraps the Christmas trees up with netting

In the scenic parking lot of Panera & Best Buy, Western Hills Cincinnati