Easter cornhole

Easter was unseasonably warm. But the 70° allowed for eating our potluck dinner on the deck and ending the day with a round of cornhole. Semi-related: Ed found an inflatable ball in the creek. Talk about beachball warning messages.

A bit more Christmas

One last Christmas party with lots of food, gifts, friends and family. Bonus? I closed out the day sporting these warm feet.


Cathy’s Birthday


Worth the trip: The tap room at Mad Tree Brewing. Went last night for the release of their Thundersnow beer and enjoyed samples from their soon to open kitchen. The seasonal beer is rich—they say with ginger, nutmeg, vanilla and hints of cinnamon. Beer recipes are like horoscopes with me… You could say there are […]

Checking in on the grandchild

If Norman Rockwell was around, I’d like to think this is the scene he’d capture somehow.

Tooling around

My friend Chris let me kick the tires on his convertible. We drove down to Rabbit Hash for the afternoon. More proof…

There was chocolate covered bacon on Evan’s birthday

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