Guardians of Time

Still glow when I see Muffins and Killface, the poodle Guardians of Time that were gifted to me some years ago.

Enjoying Pennsylvania

The wind farm above Cranberry Glade Lake. (Avoiding poison) Putting pennies on the railroad track. Visited a graveyard where they filmed a scene from Night of the Living Dead. Things not pictured: a nice long kayaking adventure, shooting a .38, tearing through the woods in a four wheeler, and a whole host of the some […]

Eating like a monkey

I love this photo just exactly as it came out on my mobile phone. Chad’s nephew is demonstrating his peculiar method of eating Sun Chips. Also from the day: a quick trip to Ohiopyle, which is fun to say out loud all quicklike.

Anheuser-Busch Brewery Tour

In all my visits to St. Louis, I’ve never been to the place that makes one of my favorite beers: Budweiser. That is, until this day. Renard the fox, mascot for Budweiser’s prohibition “near beer” malt beverage called  Bevo. How stay-tabs are made. Ended the whole she-bang with some cold ones.

Chad, model citizen.

rolling out the dough

I left the dishes in the sink and hit the road while news reports suggested the rest of America should be shopping. Arrived in St. Louis early enough to see preparations for the first “Sloppy Seconds” party. (Where everyone brings their leftovers to form a smorgasbord of  tasty calories.) Kevin’s preparing extra goodies in the […]