A toast to a new home

Cathy closed on a new home so we broke out the champagne and celebrated.

Christmas Eve 2017

Celebrated Christmas Eve with friends, old and very new.

Easter cornhole

Easter was unseasonably warm. But the 70° allowed for eating our potluck dinner on the deck and ending the day with a round of cornhole. Semi-related: Ed found an inflatable ball in the creek. Talk about beachball warning messages.

A bit more Christmas

One last Christmas party with lots of food, gifts, friends and family. Bonus? I closed out the day sporting these warm feet.


Cathy’s Birthday

There was chocolate covered bacon on Evan’s birthday

Sanpshot duel

Celebrated Cathy’s birthday with barbeque and all the fixins, the best of which was the cooked cabbage. If you’d have asked a younger me if I would ever like or even desire cooked cabbage, I would’ve adamantly said NO. I should also mention, of my list of loathed foods: artichokes, olives, and dried coconut — […]