MasterCard has evolved their logo over the years, but for my money? This Master Charge card was the epitome. I couldn’t find a good photo online so I bought an old one on eBay to document. For giggles I added my name. I wasn’t old enough for credit in the late seventies, but somehow I […]

Thank you

Whenever I get a thank you card in the mail I want to send a thank you card back.

Library Card

I left my copy of Armistead Maupin’s The Days of Anna Madrigal in the seat plane pocket on vacation. My neighbor Joe told me I should get a library card and finish off the last few chapters that way. Worked like a charm.

A card to brighten the day

This little one brought me over a card because her dad says I was a super busy stress bucket. She liked the card (intended for me), so she kept it, but still… totally a day brightener. I think everyone needs to acknowledge and nourish their inner princess.