The Swing House

It’s rare when art and architecture cross paths so firmly as to elicit goosebumps and absolute joy. The Swing House opening did it for me, and I’m pretty sure by my mom’s expression, she loved it too. What is The Swing House? A three-story home in Camp Washington where all floors have been removed, the […]

Crosley factory

This huge factory in Camp Washington used to churn out Crosley radios from 1930 until 1960. For 12 of those 30 years, music, comedies and soap operas were broadcast from the eighth-floor studios of WLW, then the nation’s most powerful radio station. (Fix it up or tear it down, Cincinnati Enquirer) I used to live […]

Beer run

One side of the fence

I had a whole post about politics that got me really hung up on this image. In lieu of holding things up, I’m moving those words to another post and getting on with things!


When the weather gets warm again, and I hope that’s soon, I’m going to ride my bike down here and remove the trash properly.

The Jacobs Mechanical robot

I can’t lie, I keep hoping the Jacob’s Mechanical robot / mascot in Camp Washington will come to life and be really nice and awesome, and perhaps a little misunderstood but ultimately prevail in his new commission.

Circuit Bending at Hive13

On Saturday, Tom and I went to Hive13, a hackerspace here in Cincinnati, for a Bending Workshop. Many different skill levels were represented, with me at the noob end of the spectrum having never used a soldering iron before. We made these Bending Buddies (pictured complete below) that allow you to patch and probe circuits for sounds. Tom […]

A rainy President’s Day

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